Final Video

Huge thanks to Meg, you’re amazing.

Blog #3

So the good news is…because I was able to get my video done early I was able to drive to eastern Washington for a family event I thought I was going to miss due to class. I resorted to filming in the parking lot using my phone. The bad news is, my attempt to post my vlog via my mobile device failed me. My 4G connection is only 2G out here and not exactly robust enough to upload video.😦 I’ll post the video once I get closer to stronger internet. Oh the joys of mobile media, interesting learning experience.


Finally able to get my video off my phone and uploaded. What a pain!!

YouTube As A Disruption

Prompt: How does YouTube represent a disruption of existing media business models? What do you think the future holds?

There’s No Place Like Home

Prompt: Growing up, what was your favorite story? Why? Have you seen that narrative show up in a new form on the web or in popular media? Similar plot, different characters?

Timing and Location Is Everything

There is no doubt that the timing and location of where we see media directly impacts our level of engagement.

It was fun to think about different scenarios of timing/locations where my level of engagement varied.

The Bus Commute – Lean Back (High Engagement)

I started commuting to Seattle via the bus last September. Instead of driving, I can now sit back and relax. At first my commute was spent reading the news on my phone, then came playing games. I wasn’t really one for watching videos on my phone but my media viewing habits changed when I got my iPad. Suddenly streaming media was an option. I now find myself watching videos (news, entertainment, or instructional) while going to and from work.

When I’m on the bus, I don’t want to think too hard and I want to remain stress-free. Therefore the media I engage in tends to be more fun and entertaining.

Examples of my bus commute content include: watching clips of the Ellen show, funny viral internet videos, or celebrity gossip videos (I am slightly embarrassed to admit that last one).

Learning Here and There, Learning Everywhere (Medium Engagement)

Another location I regularly find myself watching media is while I am cooking and getting ready in the bathroom. These stories of course are in the form of instruction because in these locations I have a purpose. There is a goal to attain and a timeframe in which I need to accomplish this goal. Although I still browse a little, I rarely get lost in rabbit holes like I do on the bus.

Examples of my learning content include: cooking instructions and recipes, make-up and hair how-to videos, tips for packing a suitcase.

I Need It Now – Lean Forward (Low Engagement)

In this scenario I am in a hurry with a very specific mission. Therefore my attention span and level of engagement is very limited. If I come across a video or story and it doesn’t directly relate to my current task I tend to either not notice it or I try to make a mental note to watch it another time.

Examples of times when I need content now include: when I’m in the store about to make a purchase but want to watch/read a review. When I’m on the job and just need a quick reminder on how to complete a specific task.

To be honest, until today I had never really thought about how differently I engage with media and stories depending on my location, the timing, and even my mood. This has been a great lesson and reminder that with mobile capabilities, viewers could be engaging with the story from just about anywhere.


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